Beauty of chaos is a collection of images that use glitches to visualise genetic evolution through mutation.

Genetic evolution sometimes happens through mutation. A small error when duplicating DNA results in a new trait or ability which, if suiting for the environment, will give that specific lifeform an advantage.

I visualised the evolutionary effect of mutation using images that had small errors in their 'DNA' as well. I wrote a script in Processing that opened the code for an image, replaced a small chunck of the code and saved the image. Then the saved image would be opened, mutated and saved. Because it stayed clear of the header in the code the image was still able to be shown while continueing to 'mutate'. Sometimes there would be small changes, sometimes big or none at all. Some of the series were turned into posters, showing images that had the same starting point but through genetic mutation ended up looking very different.

You can download the script and needed image here. Be advised, once started the script will create up to 5mb of data per second until you end it. Here be dragons.